How did you discover your neighborhood? What do you love about it?
When Judy and John first recommended my townhome development in Lake Elmo, I thought, “There is no way I am going to live in Lake Elmo!” However, Judy encouraged me to at least take a look as she thought I would fall in love with the location and the layout of the unit. And guess what?! She was right! Not only am I only 5 minutes from nearly every store and restaurant my heart could desire, the development is also secluded enough that I can enjoy the gorgeous landscape that surrounds it. I could not be more in love with my new home!

What was your experience like working with The Craig Group?
Fantastic! I was very nervous about buying my next home as I was stepping away from the world of rental properties into a more permanent resident, but both Judy and John where there every step of the way. They gave sound advice and helped push me in the direction they knew was right for me.

What was the most stressful part of the real estate process?
Selling my house! It was the first time I was selling a home and I wasn’t sure what to except. Also the emotional aspect of selling a home with so many memories can be challenging.

What was the best part of the real estate process?
The closings were my favorite part! Judy and John make the closing so celebratory and were there to help calm my nerves.

What tips would you give to homebuyers in your area?
Have an open mind! Going into this process I thought I wanted one thing and ended up in a home entirely different, but perfect for me! If you listen and trust your Realtor they will not steer you wrong.

What do you love about your new home?
What don’t I love? To start, the location is perfect for me. Close to the highway, but far enough away that I can enjoy the nature that surrounds the area. Its also so amazing living in a newer home, my last place was built in 1913 so to have a home only 3 years old is amazing! I also love the lifestyle of living in a townhome (who doesn’t want someone else to shovel their driveway?!) Also, the layout of the home is perfect for me and my cat.

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