As schools continue closing across America due to coronavirus (COVID-19), a new concern has emerged from parents; What will my kids do all day? If you find yourself in this camp, here are some things to consider while home with your kids.

There’s a reason why schools and daycares stick to routines. Because they work! Think about their daily routine and work towards sticking to as much of that routine as you can.

  • When is breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks?
  • When is recess?
  • Break up the day to focus on different subjects (your kids can even help you with deciding what to do when)

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Great, but how can I keep a routine when I’m trying to work from home?” This is something that we’ve been hearing from a lot of families with young kids. That and, “Its only been 3 days and…” As long as you can help keep some sort of routine you’ll be fine. All we can do is our best in times like this.

We’ve pulled together some ideas for you as you navigate a new normal:

Free learning tools

There are a lot of online resources for kids to learn. Here are some options for online learning while home with the kids.

Online Learning

Ideas on activities

We will all weather the storm together and come out stronger on the other side. In the meantime, we hope these ideas help get you through trying times.

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