The power of neutral color can play to your advantage on the market because buyers have different tastes in color. This is why using neutral color within your home is something that we recommend to sellers. Neutralizing can help a potential buyer better visualize their family living in your home. And if a buyer can easily visualize themselves living there, it’s likely to sell faster.

A little paint and some simple staging can go a long way in impressing potential buyers! With that in mind, our team has put together some quick tips for using neutral color within your home before listing or if you’re getting ready for showings.

Neutral Walls

If you have any walls with bright colors, it might be best to use a neutral color, such as white, tan, grey or a more muted tone of the same color you currently have on your walls. Bright colors can turn off buyers who don’t have the same color taste that you have.

Add Pops of Color

Once your walls are a neutral color, try to use pops of color that coordinate well. A great example of this is shown in a recent Facebook live by Judy at her listing in Baytown. In this home, the seller uses pops of color in artwork, throw pillows and furniture to bring some life within the space without impacting any potential future buyer as they view the home. The living room pictured below is another good example of using a neutral palette with pops of color in throw pillows.


If you have any questions on how you can best present your home in the current market, please give The Craig Group a call! We also have partners who we can refer you to if you need help with staging or simple updates to help sell your home in a shorter amount of time. You’ll find a few of our trusted┬ávendors in our Vendor Spotlight section of the website.