We recently sat down with Kelli Kaufer from Kelli Kaufer Designs and HGTV to talk about staging a home for sellers. Here are some of the great tips she gave us!

The outside of your home makes a big difference. “You want people to stop and say ‘Wow. That house is really nice on the outside. I can’t wait to get on the inside.” Make sure that outside paint isn’t chipping or flaking. Be sure all outdoor lights are bright, put in high wattage light bulbs. You can never have too much outside light. Clean your windows and any glass on the front door.  Remove any ice or snow on the walkways. Clear out icicles and make sure garbage cans are cleaned up and put away.

People know if they like your home or not in the first 20 seconds. “The entry makes a big deal.” It must be clean and clear of clutter. To add a warm touch keep a vase of flowers or a plant at the side table when you first walk in. Also place a rug for where you would like visitors to take off their shoes.

Less is more on the inside of a home. “You want buyers to envision themselves in the home, not the way you live.” You want to show the true character of the home. Create easy walkways, move your furniture so it’s clear in “traffic areas.” Let your home shine, if you have beautiful trim or floors take up some of your rugs.

Let the light in. Keep window treatments open. The brighter the home, the better. “Its the more light in the room, that makes the room bigger.”

Closets & storage. “I always tell sellers to get rid of half of what they have in their closets.” It creates more space. People check every nook and cranny when going to look at a home. For storage rooms and the basement, make sure everything is neat and organized. People understand that you’re in the process and moving, and know that you may have boxes and other storage. Try to allocate one room / space for any storage and keep everything packed tidy.