It’s a sellers market! But what does that mean for buyers? What does it take to actually buy a home right now? At The Craig Group we have a few things we do to help the process!

Talking to Lenders.  We want to make sure we’re prepared to move when we find the right home for our clients. We work with some amazing lenders that can get us the approval letters right away, even if it’s over the weekend! That pre-approval letter is key, and having that letter at the right time can make or break you being able to put in an offer on a home.

Searching for Homes. We really want to find your dream home and our searches are based on what you’re looking for. Some factors are target areas, price range, bedrooms, etc. The search we run is all MLS active listings. We can receive instant updates when new properties are on the market, or if a home’s price drops to fit your range!

Core Questions. When we go over our core questions with you, we talk through: what are the things that are important to you moving forward; what are the parameters you want for your family now and moving forward; and then talk about how would this house sell in the future.

Schedule Showings. When things are moving fast, instant updates from searches allow you to set up showings right away! Because we’re a team at The Craig Group, we can make showings happen, even if you wanted to set one up for this evening. We’re ready!

Inspection. Once we have the offer and it’s accepted, we schedule an inspection. This is done a few days after the offer is accepted. We recommend people being there because you learn a lot about the home. Afterwards we work with you on any items that need addressing, and taking that back to the sellers.

Appraisal. The lender that you choose to work with does the appraisal process. They will send someone out to make sure the value is there for the home!

Onward to Closing! 

We’re with you every step of the way and we’re ready to find your new home! So if you were looking to buy a home, we would really love to help you start your search and help get you through the process.