A Topic that has been coming up with a lot of our clients lately is downsizing. We have a huge baby boomer generation that’s looking to downsize to main floor living.

There’s a lot of things to take into consideration when looking to downsize. Think about the rooms that you really use now and the rooms you don’t even go into. How can you transition and let go of unused space and furniture? Part of this decision to downsize from your home is knowing what kind of value your going to walk away with. We’d love to help by doing a market analysis on your home. This will help you decide how you want to make this transition work. Unless you are able to absorb multiple mortgage payments for a period of time, it is advisable that you not rent or buy your next home until you have your present home under contract. If you’re moving to a condo or retirement community, make sure you carefully review all association documents pertaining to all present and potentially higher future dues and charges.

We’ve created a guide that helps you decide when is the best time to make a move; consider important financial impacts and how to manage them; and what are the right steps to get it done! Click here to download the worksheet!