Right now the inventory on the market is still low; move up buyers are turning to new construction homes. When starting a new construction it’s important to have representation to coach/guide you through the process. They are key to finding the right builder, location, and team. Here are some things to consider when upgrading from your current residence to a new construction.

Design. Building a new home gives you control of the look and feel. You have two main options when considering a design, an architect or designer or shop for a pre-designed plan online. When looking for a design make sure the design is meant to last. Just like fashion, trends go out of style and you don’t want your new home to be dated within a few years.

Location. The location is key when building your new home. The design can be molded to create your ideal home, but you want to make sure the location is exactly where you want to be whether in an urban neighborhood or a rural area.

Codes and laws. The law of the land is the international residential code. Before you do anything, be sure to visit your local building department and find out the zoning & code requirements for your property. It’s important to realize that the code is only a minimum standard, especially the energy code. Think ahead and try to exceed the codes expectations, it will mean you have a better build home and one that can possibly be sold as code compliant in the future.

Aging. Be sure to think about the aging of the home and yourself. No one likes to think about getting older, but if you plan on staying in your home for a while think about what type of house you’ll be needing down the road.

Finding a good team. This is probably the most important thing for a successful project. The right team can make sure you are comfortable and have the right experience when building your new home. This is where The Craig Group comes in, they’ll help you find the

This is where The Craig Group comes in, they’ll help you find the location, builder and team that’s right for you!