There are plenty of myths surrounding real estate, but what’s true and what’s not?
Myth #1 – If buyers don’t like an exterior, they’ll never go inside.
The exterior of a home sets the stage. If the front of the home looks inviting and well groomed, chances are high that buyers will want to explore it further. A home is a reflection of yourself that most buyers tend to scrutinize this more than their own current residence!
Myth #2 – Change bold paint colors to neutrals before selling.
It’s fun to make a home your own with color, but depending on the choices, it’s best to consider bringing it back to a neutral palette for the new buyers. It’s easier for buyers to visualize making it their home rather than noticing your colors.
Myth #3 – Sellers should expect to earn back everything they invested into remodeling projects at resale time.
Investing in a home to live in is different than investing in a home to re-sell. Always make the choices that help you enjoy living in the home, but if you are questioning what investments will add value, contact me! Of course the rule of thumb is that kitchens and bathrooms will retain their investment value the best, basements are harder to recapture the costs.
Myth #4 – Set your home price higher than what you expect to get.
This idea doesn’t work and can sometimes backfire. You can end up selling your neighboring competition if your price is too high, because you are making other homes look like better values!
Myth #5 – Open houses sell properties. 
Open houses are a great way to get more eyes on your home, and to get more feedback. I’ve sold many homes by meeting the new owners at the open house. It’s helpful for them to take their time and not feel rushes, and it’s free!! But don’t forget the importance and the power of your listing being on the internet.