If you own a home right now, you’re probably thinking this. “When is the best time to sell?” The market is still hot right now and sellers are getting top dollar for their home, so it makes sense to ask this. But if I’m going to be completely honest with you, homes really do sell all year long.

Being in real estate now for 25+ years, there certainly are some cyclical trends but in the end homes sell all year long. Let me take you through the year and provide you with some valuable insight on each market that we see throughout the year and hopefully you will find the right time to sell for you.

Spring Market

Spring market here in Minnesota actually starts right after the Super Bowl ends. Us Minnesotans just get all stir-crazy with winter and things really start to move in this market. As a seller, this can be a great time to list. As a buyer, this can give you a lot of great options to look at.

During this same time, we have Parade of Homes happening and a lot of people come out to see homes which makes listing your home during this time a great opportunity to catch some of these potential buyers. And if you have a pool you want to highlight, then spring market would also be a great time to list.

One thing to keep in mind with spring market listing is that you’ll be competing with a lot of other homes.

Summer Market

Summer market brings a lot of traffic, but we also see that many people are wanting to enjoy the Minnesota summer that we have and tend to take vacation during this time. This can be a great time to show off your home when your yard looks its best, but keep in mind that you may see a lower volume of buyers during this time

Back to School Market

Right before Labor Day hits, it’s back on again and the market is full of new buyers along with more options for buyers to look at. Here in Minnesota, a lot of showings happen in the fall and most properties tend to look wonderful during this time of year. This tends to run up until Thanksgiving time and then slow a little over the holidays.

Winter Market

During this time we see many corporate transfers and people who need to move for one reason or another. I would say that between November and February about 26% of homes sell. I always love this time of year because homes tend to look their best during the holiday season and because there are less homes on the market, sellers can often times get more for their home.

If you’re thinking about when to list your home, homes do sell all year long. If you have any questions on listing your specific home, we would be happy to help! Check out our Contact Us page or fill in our Sell a Home form.