Because homes are moving so quickly right now, home inspections are even more important than ever! Every home has its quirks and it’s important for you, as a buyer, to be fully informed on anything that may or may not be a concern with the home that you are putting an offer on or just put an offer on.

I recently had a great example of why home inspections are so important. A buyer of mine put an offer in on a home and we set up the inspection. During that process, I knew that it was an old house and didn’t have city sewer and water to it back when it was built. I knew that there had to be a well and septic system on the property somewhere. And there was also natural gas brought in at one point.

After doing some digging and checking city records, there was no record of a tank removal. So we added in additional inspecting for a tank and come to find out there was a tank on the property and the seller ended up paying for the proper removal of the tank. This was a great example of why the inspections process is so important!

If you’re a buyer, here are a couple quick tips about inspections:

Use a licensed inspector

Find a licensed inspector through your realtor or another trusted source. This is important because licensed inspectors are trained to find the things that you may not be able to see when visiting an open house or showing. They have inspected hundreds of homes and can give you a really good idea of any additional expenses you would have after purchasing or give you the opportunity to negotiate in some of the larger repairs that may need to happen before you close.

Join the inspector

Home inspections typically last 2-3 hours and it can be a great experience to join in on this process so that you are fully informed on everything that the inspector finds within the home you just put an offer on. You may run into quirks that the house has and it’s better to know about these before closing rather than finding out later.

Radon testing

Radon testing is something that we didn’t do 20 years ago and are doing now. It’s a very easy item to fix and it’s something that you can’t see and want to know about it.

If you have any questions about inspections please reach out to us!