Having Edina Realty and The Craig Group as a part of a larger umbrella real estate company like Home Services provides us realtors with many benefits and also provides our clients with many benefits. You might be asking what some of these benefits are, so we have broken out some of the most beneficial perks:


Home Services provides us with so many opportunities to network with other realtors to be able to find the right buyers even quicker.

Legal Support

We love having access to three separate attorneys in the event that unique questions related to property come up. Many realtors don’t have easy access to an attorney when legal issues with a property arise, so it makes our jobs easier and benefits you as a seller or buyer.

Technical Support and Resources

Home Services and Edina Realty have an amazing network of technical support so that we are easily able to do our job and we have assistance when needed. We also have an incredible internal and external network to help us market homes when they come on the market.

If you’re ready to list and are looking for a strong partner to help sell your home, please complete our Buyer Profile and we would love to help you move on to your next chapter!