Are you currently listing the features of your next dream home? STOP! There’s a better way to find the PERFECT home without creating a long list of “must have’s” and “wants.” After 25+ years in real estate, I have figured out a better way for you to find your next dream home.

I’ve seen so many buyers focus all their time and energy on the features of a home only to end up unhappy in the end. It doesn’t have to end up this way. By focusing on the lifestyle you want to live, it has proven time after time to end in happier lives for buyers.

So where do you start? Let me paint a picture of a couple who I worked with 20+ years ago. After showing this couple about 20 homes in 2 days, I sat them both down and had them write down all of their wants without looking at each other. When they were done I had them turn around and exchange lists. They were both looking for completely different homes. This is when I knew it was much more beneficial for buyers to start the process by talking about the lifestyle they want to live.

What Questions Should You Ask Yourself?

  • What are your hobbies?
  • Are you looking to live an active lifestyle?
  • What type of commute to work are you looking for?
  • Do you plan on adding to your family?
  • Are your children leaving your home soon?
  • Etc.

Once you start thinking more long-term, you will have much more success in finding your dream home. Focus on the chapter of life you are currently in or will be entering in the next 5 years. To walk through the process more in-depth with us, please contact us or fill out our Buyer Profile.