Prepping your home to list on the market is essential and critical. With more homes on the market and more buyers looking for updated homes, making sure that you are presenting your home in its best light will help you sell your home.

We have entered the spring market and activity is picking up again. To learn more about the markets that we see throughout the year, check out my Best Time to Sell blog. The home featured in my video above is now sold (3435 Heritage Court) and it is a great example of the work put in ahead of time to get it ready for listing on the market.

At The Craig Group, we go through a very mindful process with sellers of walking through what they needed to do to prep the home for listing. Below are some of the updates these sellers made, along with some inspiration for you if you’re thinking of listing.

Interiors to consider updating before listing your home:

  • New light fixtures
  • New carpet
  • Enameled white woodwork
  • Backsplash
  • Solid surface counter-tops
  • Upgraded cooktop
  • Upgraded appliances

All of these things take time. You also want to make mindful decisions so that you can avoid updating things that are unnecessary. Prepping your home for listing isn’t just staging it with furniture. You’re looking at how your house fits now with current standards and what the market is looking for in a home. This home, for example, was built in 1989 and feels completely brand new right now and it’s ready for the next homeowners.

This is part of the services that we offer at The Craig Group as you prepare to list your home. If you’re thinking about prepping your home for listing within the next year or two and you want to make these same mindful decisions, please call us.